Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Thoughts on Rain

It is raining today. Really raining. Not a light drizzle but good old steady rain. And it is cold. The damp kind of cold that goes into your bones. I have my space heater on under my desk.

But the rain is also beautiful. It washes the sidewalk and the street and the grass and make them look fresh. There is nothing like the smell in the air after a rain.

At night the rain reflects the taillights of the cars in parallel, red stripes and the street lights in patches of white. The pavement sparkles with reflected light.

Rain is life giving to plants and animals alike. We humans hate getting out in it to go to work or run errands. I always wondered why. I am that way too. It's not that I will melt (heaven forbid) but that I will end up looking like a drowned rat and my clothes may be "dry clean only."

I much prefer rain over snow. Snow is pretty but eventually turns to brown ice and is ugly. Plus you have to shovel or snowblow snow.

I am enjoying the rain but I have to admit I would enjoy it more if I were at home curled up with a book and a cup of tea.

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