Friday, September 25, 2009


Autumn, to me, is as beautiful as Spring. It is full of cool days and chilly nights and bright blue skies. Is is full of changing colors - the green grasses to shades of brown and umber, the trees to reds and yellows and golds. The fall flowers are bright against the fading background.

The earth is going to sleep after a glorious Summer. The sleep will refresh it so it can burst forth again in Spring.

I feel energized and full of anticipation as I breath in the air and practically skip down the street. The leaves swirl at my feet and the squirrels bury nuts they will probably never find again.

It is hard to believe that all of this was a random act of an explosion millions of years ago. It is all so ordered and perfect. God smiles on us and His creation is amazing.


  1. Even here in CA the air is filled with energy...

  2. Autumn's one of my favorites. Picturing you skipping down the street...