Thursday, September 3, 2009

Charm bracelets

I don't know how many women in blogland remember charm bracelets. I am wearing one today that I think was my Mother's. I have several charm bracelets - mostly gold ones - one is mine and 2 were my Mother's. They jingle when I move my arm and the charms bump together. It is like the music of fairies!

Charm bracelets were special. They held your memories in little gold figures attached to a gold link bracelet. You started with the bracelet and then you added charms for special events such as trips or birthdays or boyfriends. Some girls bracelets were very full. Mine never were that full. I was particular when I added a charm. It had to be just right.

As I think about it, I am that way with my friends. I am very particular in choosing my friends so I don't have as many as some people do but I know them well and I cherish each one. They are each unique and bring something different to my life. And just like my charm bracelet, they create music for my soul.


  1. This is sweet. Reminds me of our conversation at the Farmer's Market!

  2. I remember charm bracelets very well and like you, I only had charms that were significant ones. As for friends, I'm learning even at the age of 46, so much about true friendships. It's not the amount of friends but how much you can count on them as true friends.