Monday, November 9, 2009

Play time

My husband and I are going to spend the night at a local hotel this weekend. Just an excuse to get away. We have talked recently about the fact that we don't play enough. We are caught up with the responsibilities of jobs and the house and his Mother that we have lost some of the fun of life. I have a yearning for that which, as Deidra talked about in her blog -, many of us leave with our childhood - joyful PLAY.

I asked my husband what he wanted to do while we were "away" and he said "Let's go to a movie." I told him that was not play since in a movie you don't get a chance to interact (well, if you do the people around you say Shhhh!) So we decided to go out to dinner and find a place to play pool. I am not very good and he is very good so it's not much of a match but it is playing.

I am going to try to get us to play each week. Maybe go bowling or just play cards at home or go for a bike ride.

We all need to play. It had a purpose in our childhood and it has a purpose now.

Find some time to play in the next week and see how good it makes you feel.


  1. That sounds like so much fun! My husband and I just decided that instead of exchanging gifts this Christmas, we are going to head to Omaha for a night away and a fancy dinner. My in-laws will be in town over Thanksgiving -- the perfect opportunity to make our get-away! I am looking forward to play!

  2. Sounds like a plan! Have a blast! And just a side note...if you go to the movie with me, you do not have to be quiet.