Saturday, November 28, 2009

After Thanksgiving

There is a certain let down after Thanksgiving. So much cooking and cleaning and socializing and then it's over. It leaves a bit of a void which I have a tendency to fill with eating turkey leftovers!

I am left feeling a bit melancholy and like a rudderless ship. I wander around the house feeling like there is something I should be doing but not being able to figure out what that is.

The long weekend also gets me very confused as to what day it is. I have had 3 Saturdays so far. It's funny how a change in the rountine can throw us into a tail spin like that.

By Saturday, I am back to normal. Whatever that is! It's a nice feeling to have a day to do whatever. I will run errands, knit on a sweater I am making for my sister, maybe take a nap and generally have a low key day. I will try to cut back on my eating -good luck with that - and I will look for new recipes to do with turkey. In a week my husband will be so sick of turkey, he will refuse to eat any more.

Hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving and are enjoying the lazy days after.

God Bless.

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  1. I felt that way after this Thanksgiving, too -- a rudderless ship is a great description! Glad it's Sunday and I am back on track!