Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Play time reflections

My husband and I had a lovely weekend (anticipated in my last post). We wandered around an antique mall to see if there was anything we couldn't live without. It's amazing that the antique malls have so many things we remember from our childhood. They can't be antiques yet, can they? Does that mean that we are antiques or is it just that we owned really old stuff when we were kids?

We went out to eat at a local restaurant that was warm and noisy. We shared a HUGE steak and ate too much.

We went to a friends' retirement party for about 20 minutes (we were being selfish with our time together.)

We went back to the hotel and lay on the bed and watched some TV and relaxed and just enjoyed being together.

We slept well and had a great hot breakfast in the hotel's lobby area.

We went to visit Bob's daughter and 2 of our grandchildren in Iowa and spent the day with them. What fun it is to watch them grow.

We came home tired but happy.

The temptation of a weekend like that is to try to do too many things and come home more exhausted than when you left. We resisted.

Everyone needs to take some time off from daily responsibilities and play.

Try it, you'll like it!!


  1. I'm so very glad that you and Bob had a chance to get away and play. Did you get to the pool tables at all?

    Playing with the grandkids is the best. They really know how to play!

  2. No, didn't get to the pool tables. We chose to go to bed early!!