Monday, July 26, 2010

Inside out

The other day, we had barbecued chicken for dinner. You know how the barbecue sauce sometimes can get a little burned? Well, that's the good stuff.

Anyway, after dinner we went to hear a friend's quartet sing. When we got there, I decided that I needed some lipstick. When I looked in the mirror, there was a big black piece of barbecue sauce stuck right in the front of my teeth. Oh my gosh!

My husband had been talking to me before we got to the concert. Why didn't he say anything? So I picked it out of my teeth as descretely as I could and sat down.

Then it hit me! My husband does not see my outside, he sees me for what I am on the inside and that is the way God sees us. He does not see the speck of food in our teeth, he does not see our fumbling and inadequacy, he sees our heart and soul.

Instead of being upset at my husband for not telling me I had food in my teeth, I was grateful to God for looking past my surface and seeing the inside of me that loves Him and tries to follow Him everyday.


  1. So true!! We often focus on the outside when he looks on the insides. Bless your husband's heart....maybe he just didn't know how to say it.

  2. That's a good way to look at bbq in the teeth! :)