Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have been thinking about a young woman in my church. She stands during service and looks, for the most part, distracted and bored out of her mind. Like she would rather be having a root canal than be where she is. Occasionally, she joins in - when the music is more to her liking.

It got me thinking about our worship. Do we just worship when the music and the lighting and the atmosphere is right? Do we need all that stuff to worship? SHOULD we need all that stuff to worship?

What should move us to worship is our love of God- period. We should be able to worship and praise even if the music is unfamiliar or old fashioned, the baby behind us is crying, the air conditioner is not set exactly at a comfortable level. It should not matter - but it does.

Why do we let these things interfere with our reaching out to God? We are human, true. We are imperfect, me especially. We were given free will, we exercise it.

This week, I am going to concentrate on God and worship in all circumstances.

How about you?


  1. The young woman that you described could be questioning her faith or her purpose in being there. I see that often in church. Honestly, I think that worship is personal so I find that often, my most intimate worship is done when I'm alone, with Him. I am easily distracted so if someone is coughing or a baby is crying, I find that I'm thinking, "I wonder if he need a cough drop?" or "Maybe I should offer to take the baby outside for a little bit."

    This was a good post, my friend.

  2. Good thoughts and questions here, Susan! I admit, I am often one of those distracted worshippers -- I need to sit closer to the front so the fussing babies don't irritate me (I know that's really hypocritical of me, given that not too many years ago, I had two of those fussing babies...and believe me, my boys were never quiet in church!).