Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Involuntary musings

When you are posting a comment to someones blog, do you try to pronounce the security word you have type in? I can't help my self. It's often just random letters but I still try to make it a pronounceable word. And then I laugh at myself.

Do you ever read someone else's blog and know that what you just wrote was lame? I write what I feel or see but I do not have the turn of phrase that some have. I enjoy reading blogs sometimes more than I enjoy writing in my own! But I keep writing..hmmmm.

Are you always counting the days yet to pass before ....some event? We count the days until Valentines Day, the days until Easter, the days until Christmas or our birthdays or the weekend. We live in the anticipation of the future and forget about today. I do it all the time. I am trying to appreciate the day and not "look forward" to so many things. God said his name is I AM not I will be. God is in the here and now. I have to remember that.

Are you reading this and wondering when I am going to get to some point? Hate to disappoint you but there is no point to all this. Just random musings.

It does though say a lot about me and how my brain works or doesn't at times. Scary!


  1. hahaha, I'm so like you. But, there is a point to what you have called random musings. You are showing how you are a work in progress (like me) that is learning so many things still in our life times.

  2. I felt like my post today was disjointed an random musing also.

    I saw your comment on Deidra's blog and came over from there. It's great to meet you.

    P.S. Keep Writing

  3. It's not random -- you made an excellent point about I AM. I am so NOT I AM -- I am nearly always living in the future. You remind me it's the present that counts. Thank you!

  4. Random is how my brain works, too! And I always think it's funny when the security code is actually a word that "fits" with the comment you just wrote...

  5. Keep writing and musing. I enjoy it! And this was far from random. God IS always, even in spite of us.