Tuesday, February 16, 2010

God's Hand

Last night I saw God's hand at work. I had met one of my "blog friends" a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed her. I had met a lady who was visiting our church who was struggling with having just moved to our town. As a stay-at-home mom, she had made no friends.

God said to me "They should meet."

So last night, we all three got together for coffee. It was wonderful. They both are transplants from other parts of the country. One has been here 8 years but still remembers the loneliness and the pain. They talked about that.

They both have 8 year old boys. One little boy is in need of friends. They are planning a play date.

They both have connection to writing. They talked about that.

It was amazing. They exchanged contact information.

I left about 8:00pm and they were still at the table talking. I left with a joy in my heart that I was not expecting.

God works in wonderful ways and I was humbled to be a small part of it.


  1. Hi Suz, just popping in over here as I do from time to time. I wanted to say thanks so much for the comments you leave on my blog. It means so much to me:) You're encouragement is so kind!
    As for your post, I love those God moments too. How blessed are your two friends to have you in their life?!
    And don't get discouraged in your blogging. I think it's more important to live a thoughtfully examined life than be able to turn a phrase well. Know what I mean?

  2. You are so sweet to have made friendship connection happen for them both. I'm sure they will always remember how you played a part in their friendship.

  3. I'm so glad that it went well! I didn't realize their boys were the same age...