Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Last Saturday was my birthday! Even at my age, I love birthdays. it's an excuse to get together with good friends and an excuse to get gifts!

My mother always made birthdays special and made me feel special as a result. I was told every year about the circumstances of my birth - snow storm, excitement at having a big (over 10 pounds) girl and everything else. It made me know I was wanted and loved. Maybe that's why birthdays are so special to me. It brings back all those memories and feelings.

My husband & I went out with some of our closest friends and had a great time. The photo is all of us at Macaroni Grill. It was wonderful and made me gloriously happy.

I wish each of you a birthday that makes you feel loved and special.


  1. Happy Birthday Suz! You are a blessing to me with your enthusiastic comments at WHS. It's so good to know that somebody is "out there!"

    I pray God blesses you to overflowing over Christmas and the year ahead!

  2. If I said Happy Birthday twice, which I think I may have, put it down to the fact that I'm getting old and doddery!

  3. Happy birthday! It was so. much. fun! And it wasn't even my day. Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you!