Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Friendship is an ever changing landscape. Friends come and go. I don't like that. I want friends who stay forever until we are both old and grey. I had friends in High School that I don't even know where they are anymore. I do keep in spotty touch with 1 or 2. I had friends in College and only keep in random touch with one who was my roommate for 2 years.

Finding a friend is exciting. You spend time together, you talk about everything, you laugh, you cry, you share. Having a friend fade from your life is sad and painful and inexplicable. I always wonder if it was something I said or did but I know it is not. It's the ebb and flow of life.

Friends are necessary. Even if you are happily married, which I am. A woman still needs friends.

I know that God puts people in our lives at certain times to help us along our journey or in order to help others along on their journey. When a friend stops calling or wanting to get together, I assume my journey with her is done. I don't often know, at the time, what God had in mind for that friendship but if given enough time and space, I assume I will figure it out.

I have two friends that I have known for 13 years and 18 years respectively. I could not imagine my life without Sharon and Amy. Sharon is my age and can relate to tales of hot flashes and wrinkles. We laugh a lot. Amy is over 20 years younger than I am and keeps me informed on the world of Moms and children and life of the 30 somethings. She makes me forget my age. I thank God for both of them.

I have many friends that are casual friends whose lives I do not share in but I enjoy them, too. It's like concentric circles. There is an inner circle of close friends, then layers of friends with whom you are less close until the layers become only aquaintances.

Friendship is an ever changing landscape and it can be beautiful.


  1. That was beautiful and oh so true.

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