Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let it Snow

We went out to dinner last night in the rain. About 10:00pm, I looked out at the back yard and it was white with snow. What a surprise! Our summer lawn furniture was not looking very summery! It looked kind of forlorn actually.
I am not a big fan of cold weather but there is something about snow that I love.
It is clean and white (for a little while anyway!)
It brings back childhood memories of sledding and snow angels and snowball fights.
It brings images of fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, crisp, cold air, rosy cheeks and the Holidays.
For some strange reason, snow makes me feel warm inside. Doesn't make much sense but then some things are not meant to make sense, I guess.
I think that humans, like bears, have a hibernation instinct. With the first snow, we are ready to hunker down in our caves, keep cozy and warm and wait for spring. At least, I am!
Happy winter everyone!


  1. The boys are whooping it up right now, having a snowball fight in the front yard!

  2. I hadn't thought about it in those terms but yes, I do like to hunker down like a bear and hibernate when it snows. It's pretty!

  3. We've missed the snow ... but not the freezing rain! Church was cancelled today, due to ice.

    I noticed your Nebraska connection, and was going to ask if you knew Deidra (Jumping Tandem) and Michelle (Graceful). And yes, I see that you do ... Good people, you Lincoln, NE, folk!