Friday, January 29, 2010


This has been a particularly difficult week. I work for an accountant and this is the last week of the month to get 2009 year end taxes filed and W2s issued.

I am new to this work and feel like I will never learn. There are so many rules and so many numbers that have to match each other in order for the accounting gods to be happy. They are not very happy with me most of the time.

I am overwhelmed and discouraged and on the verge of tears many evenings. Last night I snapped at my poor unsuspecting husband when he walked in the door a little late.

I have thought about just quitting but I can't do that. We do have bills to pay and I really like not living on the street. I know that God found this job for me when I was unemployed so I will stick it out for Him. I must work " as if for the Lord."

Pray for me that my attitude will improve and that I will begin to understand and get the hang of this soon. In the meantime, stress is something I live with but I would like a divorce or at least a legal separation!


  1. I know how tough that is. I was in a similar situation where I had a hard time letting it all go when I got home. I love your attitude though. I really do hope that the stress leaves and fast!

  2. Yikes! Let's get together and do "girl stuff." A manicure and lunch sounds good to me. Are you in?